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INFORMATION ON THE USE OF COOKIES (art. 13 of Decree-Law 196/03)

Cookies are text files that internet sites send to users’ internet access devices (usually browsers) where they are stored, to be sent back to the same sites the next time users visit them. This way sites can recognize the preferences expressed by users during a previous visit and allow them easy access having stored in the memory, for instance, the navigation language or account data. There can be:

  1. technical cookies: session cookies (they guarantee navigation and site accessibility), functionality cookies (allowing users to select certain navigation parameters i.e. choice of a product to purchase or language used), cookies allowing users’ authentication (login);
  2. profiling cookies: used to send promotional messages in relation to the users’ preferences during navigation or to the sections of the sites visited;
  3. third parties’ cookies: cookies installed not by the sites the user visits but by third parties’ sites that install cookies via the former sites (some images or videos present on a site might reside on different sites that send their own cookies).

Session cookies disappear when the browser is closed while the others are stored in the browser for quite some time (from just a few minutes to several years).

This site uses technical session cookies that disappear when the browser is closed and are used to guarantee the navigation through the site pages and the correct site operation.

To install these cookies the website must supply the following information but it is not obliged to ask for the users’ consent. This site does not use profiling cookies to send promotional messages to users.

Find below the third parties’ cookies that, as autonomous data processing controllers are the only ones responsible for the processing of the data with their systems.


Google Analytics cookies that supply websites anonymous, aggregated reports for instance about: frequency with which users visit sites, how long they stay on them, number of visitors in a stated period of time, what pages have been visited, how many have come back and from where, what keyword phrases were used to find the sites, etc.

This site uses Google Analytics cookies to gather information, in an aggregated and anonymous form, about the number of users and how they use the website in order to improve it and check which parts or elements are liked the most.

We wish to state that users:

Via the site, YouTube cookies are installed too because the video on the homepage resides on that site. To use these cookies, the user’s consent is required and this is considered as given if he/she continues navigating the site, accessing another area or selecting an element (image or link) outside the banner. If consent is not given, YouTube cookies are not installed.

Users can consult the information on privacy of at, and the specific information on cookies at

Users can always choose which cookies to authorize by configuring their browsers, options can usually be found in Options/Privacy:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: in Tools, select Internet Options and then Privacy.
  • Firefox, for Mac: in Preferences, select Privacy, go to “Show cookies”; for Windows: select Options, then Privacy and then configure a personalized option for the data history.
  • Safari: select Privacy in Preferences.
  • Google Chrome: select Tools, then Options (Preferences for Mac), enter Advanced and then select Privacy – Content Settings.

We wish to highlight, however, that by deactivating technical cookies users might not view pages correctly. With regard to third parties’ cookies, we wish to state that:

  1. deactivating Google Analytics cookies does not prevent users from using the site but hinders San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare S.p.A. with the above-mentioned statistics;
  2. Deactivating YouTube cookies does not prevent using the site but users cannot watch the video on the site that resides on YouTube.

A lot of information on cookies and on how to protect your privacy while navigating the internet can be found at

The cookies used by this site are not communicated to third parties, they can however be processed by the person maintaining the site that is authorized to use them only for that purpose.According to art. 7 of Decree-Law 196/03, whoever supplies the data can always know the purpose and methods of processing and the subjects to whom the data can be communicated, obtain an update, integration or cancellation of the data and oppose their processing for legitimate reasons.

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The updated list of controllers can be requested from the above links.

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